Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Before I start, I should say I'm not always great with grammar so please excuse any errors. 

I've never blogged before. I know it's not rocket science. I'll be honest. I'm not great at expressing myself.....at all. I started this blog because I love taking pictures. It's taken me a while to figure out how much I LOVE photography. When my son was born 2.6 years ago, I had never taken so many pictures in my life. How could I not? He was unbelievably awesome. I don't think there was one day that I didn't walk out the door with a camera in my hand. Having a son meant bringing my camera to every family get together, friend gathering, kid birthday party, the park, EVERYWHERE!......because of course, I couldn't miss one second of his life. People weren't always happy with me taking pics (a good majority of my family aren't fans of having their picture taken). But pictures are memories and they are so important to hold on to. I learned that the hard way when my dad died suddenly on June 9, 2012. He wasn't always happy to have his picture taken. Sometimes, he'd just stare blankly at me. Sometimes, he'd make a goofy face or put his hand up. But when my little guy, Jack, (also my dad's name) was with him, I ALWAYS got a smile or a laugh. I'm SO incredibly thankful for that little camera. Those pictures will show my little guy for the rest of his life how much his "Bapa" truly loved him. 

So, I've bought a "real" camera and I'm going to take a leap into making this something more than a click here and a click there. Maybe other people will love what I have to offer and I can make something of this. Who knows. I'm going to list some of my favorite pics and add more day by day. Maybe I'll have something to say....maybe not. I'm hoping I can express myself through my pictures. Here we go.......

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